It is one thing to state that a person is “open” for business and yet another to be able to actually engage folks in meaningful work which utilizes the best talents of all. I am very hopeful that you will be willing to engage me in your equipment related needs on upcoming projects.

The value which you can expect – at 110% – in water/wastewater projects will include the following:

  1. Assistance in defining innovative ways to obtain the best equipment value (lowest lifetime cost but not necessarily lowest “first cost” or capital equipment price).
  2. Assistance in developing a “point system” in making selections of systems for utilities based on total cost of ownership – including energy issues such as carbon emission reductions.
  3. Assistance in making presentations to utility managers and utility commissions in education of said bodies on the merits of pro-active system selections.
  4. Evaluations (with specific written short reports) for consideration of new or upgrading of equipment – from lift stations to water filters.
  5. Equipment expertise in the development of design-build projects to enhance team building and to assure best value from manufacturers and their agents/service organizations.

The above services are offered at a fair hourly engineering service fee. This is an assured engineering service, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction, or fees will be refunded. My credentials and certification are integral to your confidence in EEI – please review my bio.

To get an idea of the breadth of my expertise, please take a look at the documents available on the Technical Papers page.