Getting Kids Excited About Science

It has been said that nations are financially to the degree that they have prosperous technological leadership. The recent drop in our nation’s K-12 science educational benchmarks has been particularly alarming. We need to enhance the attractiveness of science and engineering as career paths for our youth. EEI hopes to make a difference by providing our experiences and generating tools for educators where possible.

The team accepts the “Youth Division” trophy in Port Washington’s Cardboard Boat Regatta 2011.

August 2011 – Loving Math and Science:
A sure path to success in the business world of the future

The saying goes, “Do what you love to do, all day long, and if this can be integral to your ‘work’, you will succeed beyond all expectations.”

Engineering is an exciting and challenging field of endeavor. Yet, its educational background is oriented toward Math and Science, subjects which often seem abstract. The magic happens when the abstract concepts are applied to a specific project. Well, that’s what happened recently when four Port Washington students embarked on a mission to design and build a championship “cardboard boat”Read more at…

You Can Host One of Our Workshops

Under real sails, the lesson of “wind power” hits home

Note to parents and educators: Please contact Don Voigt if you are interested in hosting a fun and educational science workshop for your children. A wide range of science topics can be addressed – just give us your ideas!

It is our hope and belief that if youth are introduced to the wonders of hands-on scientific exploration, they will go on to enjoy a lifelong interest in science.

We will:

  • Supply a learning tool kit with models and materials for child-constructed learning aids
  • Train teachers, if desired
  • Be available to assist teachers or teach the entire class ourselves
  • Tailor the workshop to your desired subject matter, if desired
  • Perfect for homeschoolers, Scout troops or 4H!

Workshop Relates Science to Real Life

Kids created sailboats to learn about wind energy at the first science workshop presented by Sci-Tech Edventures in Port Washington, Wisconsin

Twelve elementary school aged children experienced first-hand the wonders of “wind power” in a half day workshop held on June 18, 2009.

Beginning with a basic explanation of where wind “comes from”, the workshop covered the principal of aerodynamic lift and “why planes fly” and continued with the kids building their own sailboats. The day ended with everyone sailing aboard a 30-foot sloop out of Port Washington’s Lake Michigan harbor.

A scale model sailboat further demonstrates the same principles as the boats created by the children.

Hands-on Science Is Fun!

The genesis for this class was the interest in helping kids find fun and intrigue in science and engineering. These areas of education have generally languished in our country over the past couple of decades, and American youth lag behind much of the world.

The leadership for the workshop was a new local startup company, Sci-Tech Edventures, founded by former school administrator Cheri Cornell of Port Washington. Sci-Tech Edventures offers private workshops for youth, focusing on environmental and human life sciences. Instructor for this class was our own Don Voigt, P.E.

The workshop concluded with everyone climbing aboard a 30-foot sloop for a sail out of Port Washington’s Lake Michingan harbor. From a model crafted by the children themselves, to a scale model, and then aboard a real sailing ship, the lessons were reinforced and related to the real world.

A model windmill aids in the discussion of wind power as an energy source