Our Mission: Energy Efficiency in Industrial and Utility Systems

EEI specializes in energy use reduction in industrial plant and public utility operations, providing optimum system design through cooperative engineering, to achieve safe, secure, and cost efficient systems.

For certified energy audits – Types I, II and III – look to EEI, the energy & systems professionals.

System Optimization

  • Supply cost analysis to support recommendations and to find the lowest life cycle expense
  • Compare system alternatives to assist in making educated decisions
  • Assist owners, operators and engineers in improving system efficiency
  • Design systems that are safe, secure and provide the highest lifetime value to the owner and / or the public.

Energy Efficiency Management

In addition to optimizing a system’s equipment choices, another equally important component is to strive for the best possible energy efficiency. Although the two components are inextricably linked, if the decision makers are not focused on the energy aspects the system will likely fall short of its energy efficiency potential.

EEI can help reach efficiency goals for new systems, as well as evaluating and suggesting improvements to existing systems that can create significant savings in operating costs. More on Energy Management in Public Utilities

Independence for Better Service

As an independent consultant, Don Voigt is not directly affiliated with, nor financially compensated by any sales organizations or manufacturers. This independence, knowledge and expertise of the latest technology, equipment, and systems can be utilized in comparing all equipment manufacturers, warranties, services and values to achieve the best results for the owner.


  • P.E. – Professional Engineer, licensed in multiple states
  • C.E.M. – Certified Energy Manager, licensed internationally
  • 30 years experience in industrial equipment applications

Professional Affiliations

  • Active member, AWWA, NSPE, WEF, and Rural Water Association
  • Member – Florida Professional Engineers Society  — Energy Committee
  • Member – Wisconsin Professional Engineers Society